Steel Square Tube 100 × 100 Met Materiaal Spesifikasies

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Product Description Size O.D.: 20×20-400x600mm W.T.: 1.2-11.75mm Length: 3.0-12m Standard ASTM A500, BS1387,GB3091,ASTMA53, B36.10, BS EN1029, GB/T9711 etc Material SS400; S235jrh; ASTM A53 GrA,GrB; STKM11,ST37,ST52, 16Mn,etc. Fabrication Plain ends, cutting, etc Surface Treatment 1. PVC,black and color painting 2. Transparent oil,anti-rust oil 3. According to clients requirement Package Bundle;Bulk;Plastic bags ,etc Others We can do special orders as customer...

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OD: 20 × 20-400x600mm
WT: 1.2-11.75mm
Lengte: 3.0-12m
Standard ASTM A500, BS1387, GB3091, ASTMA53, B36.10, BS EN1029, GB / T9711 ens
materiaal SS400; S235jrh; ASTM A53 Gra, GRB; STKM11, ST37, ST52, 16Mn, ens.
vervaardiging Plain eindig, sny, ens
Oppervlak behandeling 1. PVC, swart en kleur skildery
2. Deursigtige olie, anti-roes olie
3. Volgens kliënte vereiste
pakket Bundel, grootmaat; Plastieksakke, ens
ander Ons kan spesiale bestellings te doen as kliënt se behoefte.
Ons kan ook alle vorme van staal hol pype voorsien.
Al die produksie proses gemaak word onder die ISO9001: 2008 streng


Chemiese samestelling% meganiese Eiendomme
C% Mn% S% P% Si% Opbrengs Point (Mpa) Treksterkte (MPa) Verlenging  
Q195 0,06-0,12 0,25-0,50 <0.050 <0.045 <0.30 > 195 315-430 32-33
Q215 0,09-0,15 0,25-0,55 <0,05 <0.045 <0.30 > 215 335-450 26-31
Q235 0,12-0,20 0,30-0,70 <0.045 <0.045 <0.30 > 235 375-500 24-26
Q345 <0,20 1,0-1,6 <0.040 <0.040 <0,55 > 345 470-630 21-22

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Tianjin Reliance Company , is specialized in manufacturing steel pipes. and many special service can be done for you. such as ends treatment, surface finished, with fittings, loading all kinds of sizes’ goods in container together, and so on for
Our office is located in Nankai distric, Tianjin city, near Beijing, the capital of China, and with excellent location.It just takes 2 hours from beijing international airport to our company by high speed rail.and the goods can be delivered from our factory to Tianjin port for 2 hours. you can take 40 minutes from our office to Tianjin beihai international airport by subway.
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India,Pakistan,Tajikistan,Thailand,Myanmar,Australia,Canada,United States,United Kingdom,Kuwait,Mauritius,Morocco,Paraguay,Ghana,Fiji,Oman,Czech Republic,Kuwait,Korea and so on.
Verpakking & Shipping
Ons dienste:
1. We will provide you with detailed technical data and drawing.
2. Strict quality control and careful supervision to ensure the best crane for you.
3. Strict process control to make sure the crane will be delivered on time.
4. We will help handling shipment documents.
5. Our senior engineers can provide installation guidance, commissioning and training services.
6. Delivery with English user manual, parts manual, product certification and revelant certificates.
7. 12 months warranty after installation and commissioning in additional to human damage factor.
8. Technical advisory for any time and engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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